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2017 CSA Program

Posted 3/20/2017 12:15pm by Michael Hiener.

Time to quit neglecting the web site and keep things current.  What better time to do this than a cold dreary March day.  I really neglected this job last year.  Like most small farmers, Mike and I have off the farm jobs that keep us busy.  But the farm is a labor of love so I will try and be a much better communicator in 2017.

Today I updated the CSA information for 2017.  This includes a link to a form that you can fill out on your computer and then print off.  If anything appears to not be working correctly let me know.

I also uploaded some more photos so the slide show is not so sparse.  And I am planning on restarting the farm blog.  I've got a few pictures and thoughts ready.  But as usual there is a lot to do today and my next job is a run to the feed mill.  Mike has a farm bureau meeting tonight so we will be a bit like ships that pass in the night.  All this and farming season has not even begun.  We are both anxious for good weather and the season to begin.  Look for more news soon.